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Significance Research Briefs: submissions wanted

By January 30, 2019February 16th, 2024No Comments

In 2019, Significance is looking to introduce a new regular feature that offers readers a curated list of recommended reading, drawn from the pages of research journals, from conference proceedings, and from public and private sector reports, reviews and white papers. We hope to source recommendations from the membership and sections, special interest groups and local groups of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association. This will ensure recommendations cover a wide range of topics, interests and areas of expertise.

Each submitted “brief” should be in the following format:

  • Title and author(s) [of paper/report/publication]
  • What does it say? [a distillation of the key messages/learnings/findings/conclusions, in 50 words or less]
  • Why is it important? [in 50 words or less, set the paper/report/publication in some wider context, e.g. Does it cast new light on an issue? Does it lay the groundwork for further research and study on an important topic? Can this new method be adapted to other research questions? Are there policy implications that arise from the findings?]
  • Weblink [for paper/report/publication]
  • Your name and affiliation [to be published alongside your entry]

How will we use submissions?
3-4 research briefs will be published in each print issue of Significance. Up to 10 additional briefs will be published online at to coincide with the publication of each print issue.

Where should I send submissions?
Please send them to our main email address.

When should I send submissions?
Submissions are invited at any time. They will be kept on file to be used in the next available publication.

Will all submissions be published?
For reasons of space or suitability, it may not be possible to publish all submissions received.


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