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We’re heading to Glasgow this week for the Royal Statistical Society’s annual conference, and there are several sessions we are excited to be involved in.

On Tuesday, 5 September, at 11.50am, Executive Room A, Significance is part of a professional development session, titled “Getting your research published and maximising its impact”.

Then, on Thursday, 7 September, at 9am, Auditorium A, the finalists of our early-career writing competition will be presenting papers based on their articles, and these talks will be followed by a special guest presentation on “Engaging with the Media” from Robert Cuffe, former RSS Statistical Ambassador and the new head of statistics at BBC News.

Finally, to close conference at 4.50pm on Thursday, astrophysicist Roberto Trotta will deliver the Significance lecture, explaining the role astrostatistics has played and will continue to play in helping answer some of the most fundamental questions about the physical reality of the cosmos.

We look forward to seeing you in Glasgow.


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